Atlantic County Utilities Authority, N.J., Joins Growing List of Communities That Recycle


Along with the New Year, the Atlantic County Utilities Authority (ACUA) has ushered in an exciting change for their residents: the addition of cartons to Atlantic County’s singlestream recycling program. Residents are now able to include refrigerated and shelf-stable cartons in their recycling containers for curbside collection. This translates into a more robust recycling program for residents, and increased revenue opportunity for the community, a win-win―especially in tight economic times. ACUA is the agency that provides environmental and waste management services to residents and businesses in Atlantic County and Southern New Jersey.

“ReCommunity enables our community partners to create additional revenue by recovering previously discarded resources,” says Jeff Fielkow, executive vice president of revenue and growth with ReCommunity. “Cartons and other materials are far too valuable to throw away in a landfill. We know first-hand there is economic, social, and environmental power in recovering and transforming these materials.”

With support from companies like ReCommunity and partners like ACUA, the Carton Council has been able to grow access to carton recycling across the U.S. at the rate of 128 percent since 2009. Currently, more than 40 percent, or 47.9 million, of U.S. households have access to carton recycling.

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