The Carton Council Achieves 40 Percent Access to Carton Recycling in the U.S.


The “Faces of 40” demonstrate the growing and diverse group of stakeholders helping bring carton recycling to more communities, adding 26.9 million households since 2009

More than 47.9 million U.S. households can now recycle cartons thanks to efforts led by the Carton Council. This is an increase of 128 percent in just three years.

In 2009, carton recycling access in the U.S. stood at 18 percent, with 21 million households being able to recycle shelf-stable and refrigerated cartons. Now, 47.9 million U.S. households are able to recycle cartons through their community’s recycling programs, including programs in Dallas, Philadelphia, Milwaukee, Denver, San Diego and Los Angeles.

Due to the collaboration of numerous stakeholders along the carton supply chain and lifecycle coupled with the enthusiastic support of local facilities and communities, we have achieved this impressive 40 percent milestone at a very quick pace. It is with this strong and growing support that we will continue to make progress in growing carton recycling access.

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