Carton Council Champions – GoodBelly


By Todd Beckman, co-founder and COO at NextFoods, Inc., makers of GoodBelly

In celebration of America Recycles Day, the Carton Council invited members of the Carton Recycling Champions Network to submit their thoughts for Perspectives. The Carton Recycling Champions Network is comprised of companies and brands that share our commitment to improving carton recycling.

When it comes to recycling, GoodBelly stands by the promise to promote health from the inside out for everyone, including our planet, by packaging our probiotic quarts in recyclable cartons. Our functional ingredients translate into functional packaging which, when properly recycled, can contribute to a more functional environment!

Why recycle? The better question is why not recycle? The carton recycling movement has made it simple by giving 60,221,662 U.S. households access to carton recycling – that’s 51% of U.S. households that can now recycle the GoodBelly products you know and love! Like our quarts, and other refrigerated cartons, packaging contains approximately 80% paper and 20% polyethylene – both of which can be renewed for continued use. In other words, our quarts, made from these recycled materials, will contribute to future new products once recycled, thus, contributing to a domino effect for a more sustainable environment. 

As members of the Carton Council Champions, we urge lovers of GoodBelly to contribute to the overall health and wellness, beyond that of your own bellies, and recycle! Not only will you reduce your digestive woes, but your carbon footprint too, by properly recycling your cartons.

We value your functional digestive system and immune health, so return the favor and help us contribute to sustainable living this America Recycles Day. Pick up your GoodBelly quarts for a delicious way of incorporating your daily probiotic consumption and properly recycle it once finished to continue this earth-friendly cycle. Join GoodBelly and the Carton Council, and be a Champion for change!