Carton Council Joins Keep America Beautiful to Increase Carton Recycling as Part of Recycle-Bowl


Every day, large quantities of milk and juice are consumed in schools across the country, so it’s a natural fit for schools to develop and implement school-based carton recycling programs. Recognizing the fast-growing pace of carton recycling, this year Keep America Beautiful (KAB) created a special category for carton recycling in its popular annual competition called Recycle-Bowl.

The Carton Council of North America sponsored the new Recycle-Bowl award category for participating schools that recycled the most cartons. A total of 16,347 pounds of cartons were recycled by 27 participating elementary and middle schools from across the country. The Kodak Park School #41 in Rochester, NY, won, recycling the most milk and juice cartons per capita (6.4 pounds, or a total of 3,200 pounds). In addition to national bragging rights, the school was awarded $500 from the Carton Council award.

Kodak Park School #41 is an elementary school with a strong recycling ethic. They were also recognized as the New York Recycle-Bowl champion by KAB for their overall recycling efforts, earning them an additional $1,000.

Cartons have long been schools’ number one container choice. By recycling cartons, schools are helping to develop confident, green-savvy students while also reducing their school’s environmental impact. We are proud of Kodak Park School #41 and all of the Recycle-Bowl competitors for integrating carton recycling into their programs, and we encourage other schools to start a program

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