Carton Council Launches Public Education Campaign in Columbus, Ohio


One year after the launch of Columbus’ residential recycling program, named “RecyColumbus,” the city has partnered with the Carton Council of North America to initiate a public awareness campaign aimed at encouraging residents to recycle their food and beverage cartons. The Carton Council is a group of carton manufacturers committed to reducing the environmental impact of cartons.

Columbus residents are part of more than 51 million households in the U.S. that have access to carton recycling through curbside collection programs. Columbus is part of a growing list of cities that accept food and beverage cartons through their recycling program. Carton recycling is a valuable way for cities to work toward their goals of diverting waste from landfills and increasing overall recycling tonnage. Adding more accepted materials to a recycling program increases the convenience of recycling for residents, which can result in more households participating in recycling and an increase in the total amount of materials that current recyclers set out at the curb.

The residential curbside recycling program began in June 2012. In the first year, Rumpke Recycling collected more than 22,000 tons of materials from city residents, saving landfill space and $1.24 million in landfill disposal fees. As the City’s recycling partner, Rumpke is the contracted hauler for the program and handles curbside collection for all eligible households and processing of the recyclables at its Columbus materials recovery facility. Rumpke is also an avid supporter of promoting carton recycling in the City of Columbus.

A recent house participation count conducted in April showed that 74 percent of eligible homes participated in the program. While RecyColumbus is off to a great start, Mayor Michael B. Coleman has challenged residents to recycle even more.

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