Carton Council Reaches New Milestone in Recycling


The Carton Council of North America, a group of carton manufacturers united to deliver long term collaborative solutions in order to divert valuable cartons from the landfill, has reached a new milestone: 45 states now have active carton recycling programs. That means that more than 51 million American households can recycle their cartons through their curbside recycling programs, as well as other recycling venues.

“Reaching access in 45 states is a momentous accomplishment for not only the Carton Council, but the recycling industry as a whole,” said Jason Pelz, vice president, environment, Tetra Pak North America, and vice president of recycling projects for the Carton Council of North America. “Just three years ago only 26 states had carton recycling programs. It confirms the tremendous value behind cartons, which are recycled into tissue products, printing and writing paper, and even building materials.”

Carton recycling was recently added to a residential recycling program in Alabama, making it the 45th state with a carton recycling program. In the remaining five states currently without carton recycling—progress is under way and the 46th state is in sight! In Sioux Falls, S.D., Millennium Recycling recently announced carton recycling and is currently spreading the word to their customers about this new addition.

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