Carton Recycling Moves Full Steam Ahead in 2018


Coming off a year of significant growth in carton recycling access, the Carton Council is proud to announce that more than 62 percent of U.S. households can now recycle their food and beverage cartons through curbside and drop-off programs.

Along with achieving the important 60 percent access milestone last January, end markets for recycled cartons have expanded and new technology for sorting cartons was piloted in 2017. The 60 percent access milestone allows cartons to carry the standard “Please Recycle’’ logo under the Federal Trade Commission’s green guidelines.

Marking nearly a decade of carton recycling access expansion since the Carton Council was formed in 2009, access now stands at 62 percent, a 244 percent increase in access.

The Carton Council attributes this success to many factors, including expanding end market access, the introduction of artificial intelligence to recycling, ongoing collaboration with industry partners, a national digital consumer education campaign, new tool kits to help communities and companies and brands with education, and new tools to assist local governments with policies proven effective in improving carton recycling programs.

Building on the momentum and success of last year, the Carton Council is looking forward to increasing awareness of and access to carton recycling this year. In addition, we continue to work with companies and brands to add the “Please Recycle” logo to their packaging, are expanding end market solutions, support the development of technology to make carton recycling more efficient and continue to work collaboratively across the industry to encourage the recycling of all packages.

Happy New Year Everyone!