This Earth Day, Celebrate Strong Gains in Carton Recycling


The Carton Council is proud to announce that just over one million households had cartons added to their recycling programs between January and March 2014, bringing the total of U.S. households with access to 56,970,294.

As we celebrate Earth Day, we also celebrate the progress being made in growing carton recycling access nationwide. Cartons provide high-quality, valuable fiber and have secure end markets. Adding them as an accepted material to recycling programs isn’t just good for the environment – it’s also good business.

Several achievements contributed to the more than one million household additions to carton recycling access this year:

  • South Dakota joined the count as the 46th state to offer carton recycling and establishing access for 19 percent of its households.
  • The largest household gains occurred in New York and Ohio.
    • New York added access for 180,000 households and increased to 72 percent access.
    • Ohio added 174,000 households, and increased access from 59 to 63 percent.
  • Access increased in the following states:
    • Georgia, from 27 to 28 percent
    • Idaho, from 14 to 16 percent
    • Indiana, from 16 to 18 percent
    • Kansas, from 6 percent to 16 percent
    • Kentucky, from 18 to 19 percent
    • Louisiana, from 24 to 25 percent
    • Nevada, from 1 percent to 10 percent
    • New Jersey, from 45 to 48 percent
    • New York, from 70 to 72 percent
    • North Carolina, from 52 to 54 percent
    • Oregon, from 62 to 63 percent
    • Pennsylvania, from 28 to 29 percent

Arkansas, Arizona, California, Florida, Illinois and Texas also had increases in household access in the first quarter.

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