How We Celebrated America Recycles Day


By Carla Fantoni, vice president of communications for the Carton Council

In November, the Carton Council had the exciting opportunity to partner with actress, author and environmental activist Annabelle Gurwitch for a “satellite media tour” in recognition of America Recycles Day, which was November 15.

Through this partnership, we were able to go onsite with Annabelle to the ReWall Company facility in Des Moines, Iowa, to tell the story of food and beverage carton recycling to more than two dozen news stations in major media markets across the U.S. You can check out one of the interviews with New York 1 here.

Hosting the tour at the ReWall facility was especially significant because not only did we have the chance to remind consumers that food and beverage cartons can and should be recycled, but we were also able to highlight this newer end market for cartons, as well as the industries that are bolstered when cartons are recycled and ultimately diverted from landfills. Showcasing the process of cartons being recycled and turned into durable and environmentally-friendly building materials demonstrated just one of the many ways that recycling can make the world a better, greener place. 

But that’s not all. Dem-Con in Minnesota, also generated some media coverage surrounding America Recycles Day for their installation of the second carton sorting robot. Check out this clip from the local CBS station here to see the robot in action. 

This year’s America Recycles Day was a special one for us, as it was the first one we celebrated since carton recycling access reached 60% and officially became mainstream earlier this year. Annabelle put it best when she said that every day should be America Recycles Day, but that sometimes we all need little prompts and reminders to encourage us to follow through and reaffirm our commitment to bettering the environment. We look forward to continuing to share our important message for many years (and America Recycles Days) to come.