Recycling Partnership marks 100,000 delivered carts


By: Elizabeth Schussler, Communications Director, The Recycling Partnership

Over the last year, The Recycling Partnership, has been making impressive strides to help increase the amount of recyclable materials collected. In the past 14 months, The Partnership has helped purchase, facilitate and educate for the rollout of more than 100,000 recycling carts to households across the country. Residents have posted selfies with their new carts and thanked their local governments for making it more convenient to recycle. The excitement as well as the increases in efficiency and material all make this change worthwhile.

We have been working with local communities to distribute 100,000 carts through a series of grants. So far this year, we have provided grants and assistance in Roanoke, Virginia; East Lansing, Michigan; Greenville, South Carolina; Columbia, South Carolina; Richmond, Virginia, and Florence, Alabama. In total, this year we are working in 69 communities to reach 1.2 million households to improve recycling.

While we are proud of this initial success, we are not stopping! This fall, we will be working with communities to roll out an additional 47,000 carts, bringing our grand total to more than 150,000 carts in just 18 months.

Our strategic approach targets the common barriers and opportunities facing the recycling industry by focusing on four areas: 

  • Cart Access
  • Providing a Common Suite of Materials
  • Reducing Contamination
  • Passing Plateaus in Recycling Participation

By delivering practical and tactical tools, seed grants and technical assistance, The Recycling Partnership is the boots on the ground to improve and grow curbside recycling.

All of our success would not be possible without the generous support of our funding partners and sponsors, the dedication of our partner cities, and the work of our staff. Thank you for your efforts to help grow the world of curbside recycling. 

Elizabeth Schussler is the Communications Director for The Recycling Partnership. She can be reached at