Over four billion milk and beverage cartons are consumed in schools every year. The average U.S. school of 545 students consumes around 75,000 cartons each year. As schools are working harder to be green and reduce the amount of waste, recycling cartons is a win for everyone.

School recycling programs not only encourage children to learn about the importance of recycling, but they also enable communities to recover large quantities of valuable materials, like beverage cartons.

If your local recycling facility accepts food and beverage cartons, we encourage you to consider adding them to your existing school recycling program. If your school does not currently have a recycling program, you can still start a carton recycling one.  The Carton Council has resources to help start a program or promote an existing one to ensure everyone is participating.  

Implementing a carton recycling program can make a huge difference! Check out the video below to see how WestWood Elementary School was able to cut down their garbage bags from 10-12 bags a day to 1-2 bags and 8-9 bags of recycled materials! 

In addition, if you have any upcoming roofing projects, we can connect you to manufacturers like Continuus who use recycled cartons to produce eco-friendly and durable building materials.